Friday, January 5, 2007

Leave Comments, I'm Lonely

Hey, do what the head line tells you. How in the world am I supposed to know that you care? Tell me what you've been watching, if it sucked? Were there Italians in it? What gifts have you gotten? I'm bored and it's very late.


Alex said...

awww poor Davie.
Sadly I haven't seen any zombie movies, seeing as I've been away. I got you this sweet gift from Brazil and it got fucking lost in the airport. We are trying to recover it, but chances are it won't be found. But not to fear! if it is lost we (being I) will find you a new sweet (American) gift.
I miss you too, how was your break?

Sebastian said...

hey dave,
just read the entire blog today its very...insightful. anyway i still havent seen man from deep river but i found this movie i think you should look into. its called "cannibal the musical" im pretty sure, ill see if i can bring it in monday but see as how todays saturday i just realized how improbable that is. see you later.
ps can you get a tally of the number of hearts seen in apocalypto cause i lost count, and does that entry really have anything to do with the class?

Beccah said...

This is probably pointless since we are already back in school and you have seen/ talked to everyone, thus getting rid of your lonliness. I really should've thought of reading this earlier since my break was pretty boring as well.

I watched the 2 movies you gave me (I would've listened to Robert Goulet too, but neither of my useless parents own a turntable. How does that happen??). Carnival of Souls was wierd (as you warned me it would be), but entertaining. So...did she never exist??

The other one was hilarious (rediculously terrible teenage stereotypes and overacted freakout scenes will do that). Thanks again for the gifties.